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2nd Thoughts

Tweet I have been having a lot of second thoughts lately. It’s frustrating really. For instance the other day I was asked about what “globally competitive means. My response was that the world really needs to get off of this … Continue reading

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Promise: I will NEVER be the Keeper of the Nightmare

Tweet Keepers of the Nightmare are among us. You know the ones. They have other names that they hide behind like “Organizational Historian” or “Veteran“.  Not to say that Organizational Historians or Veterans are necessarily Keepers of the Nightmare, but … Continue reading

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Operating a Web 2.0 School in a Internet Blocked Country

Tweet Having worked in two schools in the past 9 years that are behind significant firewalls run by the government, I feel I have enough experience to write this blog post…. at least from the educational leadership side of the … Continue reading

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An Entrepreneurial Approach to Communications- Taking a Step toward “Awesome”.

Tweet Our educational blogging process has its ups and downs.   The teachers use the medium as an instructional tool and a tool to widen the audience for their students.  It is a collaboration tool and even an assessment tool.  Communications … Continue reading

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Grit: Why the best and the Worst REALLY do Matter- In the classrooms for SURE!

Tweet This entry has been cross posted to I just returned from a trip to the U.S. to hire some teachers for my school.  Those trips are grueling, intense and a chance to examine my personal educational beliefs at … Continue reading

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Dispatch from the road…. A follow up- Online Bullying

Tweet Ok… I am on a roll here, and I as type this in the car on the way back to my home campus here in Shanghai, I am watching a news podcast that is highlighting the response to the … Continue reading

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Bullying- What would your children say?

Tweet Wikipedia descibes bullying as…. “the act of intentionally causing harm to others, through verbal harassment, physical assault, or other more subtle methods of coercion such as manipulation. Bullying can be defined in many different ways. Although the UK currently … Continue reading

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Reconnecting with a past passion brings forth some lessons

Tweet I am not sure how old I was when my Dad put a 9 iron in my hand in the back yard with those annoying little plastic whiffle balls to hit around, but I can remember whacking those tiny … Continue reading

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Virginia’s ITRT program-Formalizing Embedded Staff Development and ALMOST Getting it Right!

Tweet I have written before about my belief that staff development needs to be addressed as a long term effort, and not something that can be taken on as a short term effort to solve a particular problem. Let’s face … Continue reading

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Thinking about the learning equation: Where does Tech fit?

Tweet I would like to follow up on my post yesterday. I have been doing a lot of thinking how technology builds a new classroom environment.  I use the word “new” very carefully here, in that we have been using … Continue reading

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