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Dispatch from the Road: Tech before Pedagogy?

Tweet I worked on this post on and off today when things were printing, or I was sitting waiting for the board meeting to start. I need to finish now that the meeting is getting started… the board has been … Continue reading

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“Why is it important for school leaders to blog?”

Tweet My twitter colleague Brian left me a good question about my last posting!  Thanks for reading my blog Brian, and for keeping me honest.   His questions are: “Why is it important for school leaders to blog?” “What void does … Continue reading

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Can a school leaders be “real” bloggers??

Tweet If you are really into this whole connected to the world thing that we are trying to lead out on as school leaders, you must… MUST understand that being connected means dealing with a little give and take. That … Continue reading

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ECO Friendly Flock??

Tweet Guy Kawasaki notes that Flock has gone eco-friendly!  Check it out and save the planet. This is a great browser and as a loyal Mozilla follower I can use with confidence and respect to the open source movement. Btw.. … Continue reading

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I’m not complaining here. I am just one UNNEEDED step from being an INNOVATOR!

Tweet Aren’t you all tired of people complaining? How about your kids? Your spouse? It gets to be this time of year and the end is in sight and it is easy to just focus on the negatives. The whining … Continue reading

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Dispatch from the Road: Not Enough Manpower??

Tweet On the road this week and I am looking forward to another Gourmet Geeks episode. Mr. U and I are focusing on those poor geeks out there who have been skipping the most important meal of the day– BREAKFAST! … Continue reading

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Education and Travel: A Celebration of the Human Experience

Tweet We took the opportunity this past weekend to jump on a plane here in China and travel to Jindezhen. This “little” town of 1.45 million people is the home and heart of the ceramics industry here in the People’s … Continue reading

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My Friend Dave

Tweet The old saying about people coming into your life and leaving footprints on your heart really came home to roost in my psyche this week in hearing the sad news of the passing of my friend of 20+ years, … Continue reading

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