Facebook Privacy?? Are You a Facebook User?

It’s my wife’s fault really. So much is when it comes to the technology in my life. Let me extrapolate.

Tool ———->Blame

Twitter ——>Amanda
Intl. Ed——>Amanda

You get my point.  I’m not complaining mind you.  She’s usually..er… ALWAYS right and then she got me using Facebook and I have taken some time to get up and running with my own Facebook page.  I would link it here but it is pretty lame for sure.  Yesterday when I received my daily email from my Diigo education list with the title “10 Privacy Setting Every Facebook User Should Know” it really caught my eye!  Wow… you mean we have privacy issues on Facebook??

Let me be clear here. I really didn’t start using Facebook to connect anyone. I was just exploring and continue to do so.  I don’t use many apps… at least I don’t think so. I did nail the 80’s music quiz and showed my old high school buddy I haven’t slipped into dementia quite yet.  I have found a few old friends from High School and college and lots and lots of former students.  That is about it.  Nothing more.

After reading the “10 Privacy Setting Every Facebook User Should Know” posting, I have a new found respect for this VERY transparent medium.  My favorite setting:  Number 8. Make Your Contact Information Private. The author Nick O’Neill notes in this tip:

I personally use Facebook for professional and personal use and it can frequently become overwhelming. That’s why I’ve taken the time to outline these ten privacy protection steps. One of the first things I did when I started approving friend requests from people that I hadn’t built a strong relationship with, was make my contact information visible only to close contacts.

The contact information is my personal email and phone number. It’s a simple thing to set but many people forget to do it. Frequently people we don’t know end up contacting us and we have no idea how they got our contact information. Your contact privacy can be edited right from your profile. If you have chosen to enter this information, you should see a “Contact Information” area under the “Info” tab in your profile

Like most things on the web, Facebook can be misused and abused.  I would encourage you to be educated and informed if you use Facebook for professional reasons. In fact I URGE you to read this posting.

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