Sustainable Digital Leadership- A step beyond the conference

In my recent post, I spoke about the implementation of an innovative statewide technology resource teacher program in Virginia.  Paul McMahon then wrote me, thanking me for the blog post but stating that he’d “not seen a single blog post that would indicated systemic change in any school present from Hong Kong. (#hksummit)

Hmmm… Paul.  I don’t know if I have it in me tonight to write fully to the point you have, but I would come to a bit of defense for the very, very few administrators who attended the summit a week ago.  Let’s examine our reality.

1.  I am not sure you have noticed, but the world is in a bit of downturn and we are facing some tremendous pressure to keep our costs to a minimum.  The mere idea of “innovating” is difficult to sell to our increasing conservative clients.

2.  Most, if not all of the admin attending the summit work in schools already moving down the path of innovation and sustainable implementation. Can they explain in depth what they are doing? Probably not, and thus my last blog post.

3.  Let’s not forget that a blog post is a rare way for administrators to communicate today.  I am a rare bird (in more ways than one) and most of my colleagues don’t sit on the couch on a Sunday evening and rap out a blog post for their own reflection.  Many administrators show thought leadership in many other ways including the weekly memos that STILL end up in the teacher’s mailboxes on Monday AM.

I still feel that in order to make educational change, all members of the school community need to be supported through the process. This includes administrators.  I can guarantee you that the good admin out there appreciate the support and I can also guarantee you that the admin that attended the HKsummit left empowered and filled with ideas.  Change takes time. Change takes bravery.  Change takes guts.  Change takes focus.  How much of each of these things depends on the time and place.

My colleagues… continue to look for support and Paul… keep urging us all on.

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4 Responses to Sustainable Digital Leadership- A step beyond the conference

  1. Jeff Utecht says:

    1. In a downturn economy isn’t this when we should be our most innovative? Finding ways to make, create, and use what we have?

    2. That’s a good think…true innovation can not be explained. Hence the reason why Google is in constant beta….they don’t even know where it’s going next. Everything….I mean EVERYTHING in a fast pace world needs to be in beta. I would love to talk to an Administrator who told me they know what’s happening today but couldn’t tell ya what’s going to happen tomorrow. Would love a teacher to tell me the same thing as well for that matter. 🙂

    3. You are a rare leader, a rare voice that is so needed in this space. Keep blogging and keep pushing your administrative colleagues around the world to do the same!

  2. stephen says:

    We are in the midst of a two day workshop on ‘developing a coaching culture’ by steve barcley. This is on the back of two years of creating a coaching agenda with our schools. Audience is administrators and coaches .I sell this at a corperate level as a ROI – return on investment to seek funding

    This is key to embracing any new innovation by creating an environment where ‘uncomfortable is comfortable’
    Agree with Jeffs comments , you are rare. Am also trying to bridge the digital divide that exists between administrator and teacher by introducing technology through the sessions…we have a twitter feed during the 2 days…#gemscoachingpd . No where near the interest as #hksumitt but a start!

    happy to share more 🙂

  3. Andrew says:

    Thanks for the comment… and yes, I agree, this is no time to be turning our back on innovation. In fact, many would say a downturn is a time to ramp up innovation as as the curve begins to tip upward, those that are learners and innovators will have the edge.

    As for my rarity… ahem… some would say annoying and a pest. Other would use the word outlier.


  4. Andrew says:

    Thanks for the comment Stephen.

    Good luck with the workshop.


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