Promise: I will NEVER be the Keeper of the Nightmare

Keepers of the Nightmare are among us. You know the ones. They have other names that they hide behind like “Organizational Historian” or “Veteran“.  Not to say that Organizational Historians or Veterans are necessarily Keepers of the Nightmare, but they just use those names for cover.  They say things and do things that bring us DOWN to the struggles of the past instead of lifting us UP to the celebrations of overcoming adversity and obstacles. 

Ryan Bretag, in his blog Metanoia writes in his blog post titled “We Did That…”

Here is an exceptionally easy way to kill innovation and positive movement in your school: tell people “we did that __ years ago”.

He goes on to write…

The choice is yours:
  1. Kill possibilities by proclaiming how that was tried in the past or done already
  2. Give life to possibilities by being a leader and mentor that builds upon the past instead of using it as an excuse

Don’t be the Keeper of the Nightmare.  I promise I won’t.

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2 Responses to Promise: I will NEVER be the Keeper of the Nightmare

  1. Ryan Bretag says:

    Excellent! I love how you frame this through the lens of “Keepers of the Nightmare”.

  2. Andrew says:

    Thanks Alex…

    You just made my point!

    Well done!

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