Live Blogging from NECC– Ian Jukes- Digital Literacy in the Age of Infowhelm

Morning Session: Live Blogging from NECC– Ian Jukes- Digital Literacy in the Age of Infowhelm

Schools are bound by TTWWADI… This is the way we always have done it!

4 Exponential Trends that are affecting our lives….

1. Moore’s Law (Gordon Moore)– Examples
Gordon Moore
1979- Ram: 8K, storage: 128K , speed: 2mhz, Cost $5000.00
1984- Ram: 128K, storage: 400K, Speed: 10 mhz, Cost $3900
2008- Ram: 2 gb (or more), storage 100+gb, speed 2000+ mhz, Cost $700

The trend seems pretty obvious (duh!) Ian Jukes claims that Moore states that the trend will continue although this particular article from 2005 says otherwise, but.. one could extrapolate that in 2019 that….

RAM: 208, 064, Storage: 40640 GB, Speed: 1224000 MHZ, Cost $.18

Jukes claims that the trend is soon to be doubling every 6 months according to Gordon Moore.

Educators believe that we are immune to this type of change although the world changes around us.

Trend #2: Photonics

2400 baud modems?? Remember??

Some people believes that we are in the stoneage of bandwidth. New stuff Wimax, etc are about to explode.
The obvious trend is that we will be online any where, anytime, etc. The death of distance… there has never been a time before that distance means less. Economies are not bound by state and national borders.

We all must be on a educational technology diet… a digital diet because of the HUGE amount

Teaching for Tomorrow: A Reading Suggestion!

Trend #3- The Internet (Don’t laugh… he’s serious!)

1.9 billion regular users on the internet. With an increase of 113 people per minute!

Information is tripling ever year.


  • YouTube: 65000 new videos every day! Video is becoming the new way of communcating by kids.
  • Ebay: Now has 23000 employees! 230 million customers! Estimated 10 million people make their living buying and selling on ebay!
  • Skype: Ahem… guys this is everywhere!
  • 2nd life: Ahhh yea… except I first want to master my 1st life before I take a 2nd one on… (smile) IBM thinks this 3D internet could be a new meta’verse. People are getting rich??!!! off of 2nd life??
  • Podcasts: 2004 search for the word podcast- 11 hits, 2008… 154,000,000 hits
  • Online music: Apple, Inc is the largest music seller in the world.
  • Blogosphere: A new posting every second! Digital content be shared any time anywhere!

Buzzword of 2008: Web 2.0!—- social networking, RSS, Gaming, Streaming, Java, mashups… web learning tools for mass collaboration.

Computers and the web are not for just geeks anymore! G3 cell phones…. under 150 bucks. Less than my Nikes! Why are schools banning cell phones. Phones and computers– live audio transcription over phones and computers…. the end of typing and beginning of speaking…. a change in the writing process. I just checked out a review of “Dictate” on the Macitosh. Great review here from a lawyer. I am compelled to put out some bucks for this… on this guys word which states:

Why is this important for you? Well, I’m not sure that it is. But, this
is ridiculously important for me because it means I can now rest my
hands for the better part of the working day. And, I honestly believe
that this software has extended my career by at least a few years.
Unfortunately, it also means that I have no excuse for being more
productive during the day.

Back to the presentation…

The content of the internet is extrapolating in huge ways. The effect of Google alone is scary. Looking at the end of the continuum. What will be next. The kindle is out. HUGE libraries infront of you in a 1.5 pound package.

Another reading: The Singularity is Near, by Ray Kurzweil

4th Trend: InfoWhelm… more on this in the PM

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