Peanut Butter Banned!

I saw this post by Steve Toback from CBS Money Watch Today titled “10 Strategies that Kill a Companies — and Careers”.

He writes…

The “peanut butter” strategy. Who can forget Yahoo senior VP Brad Garlinghouse’s now famous Peanut Butter Manifesto, a scorching indictment of a company lacking cohesive focus and spreading itself too thin across too many opportunities? Who knew it would be so predictive of the company’s strategy, or lack thereof, through two completely unique CEO regimes, Jerry Yang and Carol Bartz?


Does your school do this?  Like the peanut butter banned in most schools these days as it has some VERY detrimental effects on student’s well being… I think that the “peanut butter strategy” also has some pretty big implications on student learning and their well-being– not to mention the mental health of the faculty, staff and administration!


Thank you to for the photo!


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